Humanitarianism: The Making of. Rethinking Humanitarianism, Episode 2

November 03, 2020

Recording from Geneva and Washington, Rethinking Humanitarianism is a limited podcast series from The New Humanitarian and the Center for Global Development. Join hosts Heba Aly and Jeremy Konyndyk as they explore the future of humanitarian aid at a critical time of transformation.

In our first episode, we looked at some of the ethical, financial, and operational challenges the humanitarian sector is increasingly facing. Now, for our second episode, we’re asking how we got to this point. If aid were a superhero, what would its origin story sound like? Which problems was it initially set up to solve, and how are they different from the problems today? The answers to these questions should help us understand why efforts at reform have fallen short in the past.

Join Jeremy and Heba in conversation with Antonio Donini, research associate at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva; Catherine Bertini, World Food Prize Laureate and former head of the World Food Programme; and Jessica Alexander, former aid worker and editor of The New Humanitarian’s Rethinking Humanitarianism series.

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