Looking Back, Looking Ahead, but First, Wishing You a Happy Holiday and New Year

December 23, 2020


From our CGD family to you and yours, we wish you a happy holiday season and a healthier and happier 2021. And, let me offer an enthusiastic farewell to 2020.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year impacted our entire global family to a person. But for those of us who work every day to advance research, ideas, and policies for more equitable and sustainable global development—as one of our dedicated readers, we count you in that group, too!—the pandemic raised new questions and concerns: Would millions of people fall back into poverty? How would economic lockdowns and school closures impact health and well-being? When will vaccines be approved? And backing up from that important question, how is the global medical supply chain doing, which will facilitate vaccines ultimately reaching billions of people?

As we prepare to continue conducting and releasing timely, impactful research and analysis in 2021—our 20th anniversary year—I want to share with you just some of the ways CGD influenced and shaped the response to and recovery from COVID-19:

Thank you for your ongoing interest in and support of our work. CGD will be closed from December 24-January 1, to rest and recharge and reflect on the year that was. We hope you can do a bit of the same.


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Image credit for social media/web: Center for Global Development