Prospects for Prosper Africa: CGD Podcast

July 15, 2019

The Trump administration's Prosper Africa program, announced in June, aims to double two-way trade and investment between US and African companies. While many development experts welcome the US's commitment to more actively engage with African companies and leaders, questions remain about the program's impact. Will it attract American businesses? Can it compare to China's influence on the continent? Are there enough resources available to support the program? 

In this episode of the CGD podcast, I host a conversation between four experts on African policy about what needs to happen to make Prosper Africa successful: Landry Signé from Brookings' Global Economy and Development Program, Aubrey Hruby from the Atlantic Council's Africa Center, Judd Devermont from the Center for Strategic and International Studies' Africa Program, and our own Gyude Moore, a visiting fellow here at CGD. 

On the podcast, they share their expectations for Prosper Africa and discuss the roles that infrastructure, communication, and the new US Development Finance Corporation might play in its impact.

Sean Bartlett is CGD's Director of Communications.


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