Why Forests? Why Now? – Podcast with Frances Seymour

December 06, 2016

The first victims of climate change are the world’s poorest people. They are least able to rely on savings or insurance in times of climate-related disasters. They are least able to access modern healthcare. And they are least able to move to safer locations. 

Preventing dangerous climate change is therefore critical for promoting global development. And saving tropical forests is essential to doing both. 

That’s the topic of a major new book, Why Forests? Why Now? The Science, Economics and Politics of Climate Change. CGD senior fellow Frances Seymour, who coauthored the book with colleague Jonah Busch, joins me on this week’s podcast to explain why forests are key not only to meeting the objectives of the Paris climate agreement, but also to making progress on the sustainable development goals. 

In the clip below, she tells me that over half of the sustainable development goals can be aided by protecting tropical forests:

Listen to the full podcast at the top of this page, and join us in person or online Wednesday, December 7 at 4pm EST to hear more. Why Forests? Why Now? is currently available for preorder from Brookings or Amazon


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