9:00—9:00 AM EDT

Branch to Root: A New ‘Decision Tree’ Tool to Improve Financial Inclusion

In most emerging and developing economies, more than 50 percent of the population remain digitally financially excluded. Ambitious national strategies have tried to advance financial inclusion, however, results are mixed. While some countries are achieving impressive inclusion gains, others continue to fall short of expectations—millions continue to prefer cash and informal financial services. What is behind such disappointing outcomes?

In this discussion, the Center for Global Development and researchers from Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Pakistan examine the constraints to financial inclusion in these countries. A new decision tree methodology, applied to these five country cases, helps analysts and policymakers in diagnosing the binding constraints, the limiting factors that impede the growth of digital financial inclusion, in specific country settings. Join us for a presentation of the framework and the results.


  • Liliana Rojas-Suarez, Senior Fellow and Director of the Latin America Initiative, Center for Global Development


  • Nandini Harihareswara, Contigo Global 
  • Imran Khan, Financial Inclusion Expert and Former Manager for Pakistan, Financial Inclusion Insights
  • Firman Witoelar, Fellow, Australian National University
  • Tadele Ferede, Professor, Addis Ababa University
  • Miguel Székely, Director, Centro de Estudios Educativos y Sociales (Center for Education and Social Studies)
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