10:00—11:00 AM Washington D.C Time

Evaluating the Quality of ODA

This webinar is hosted by the Donor Tracker, and will feature brand new results from CGD’s QuODA 2021 alongside expertise from the Kenyan Treasury.

About The Event

Through our work on the Donor Tracker, we know which donors are or are not making bold policy commitments and we know what they do and don’t fund. But how do we know which donors are complying with best practices to maximize the effectiveness of their official development assistance (ODA)?

The Center for Global Development’s Quality of ODA (QuODA) tool was developed to do just that, and new results will be published in a revised framework this month. QuODA assesses to what extent providers of development finance are taking account of effectiveness principles, analyzing bilateral and multilateral financial providers across 17 indicators and along the dimensions of prioritization, ownership, transparency, and learning.

In this interactive webinar, CGD’s Ian Mitchell, senior policy fellow and the co-director of the Europe program, will present key findings of CGD’s 2021 QuODA report.

Mr. Mitchell will be joined by Chief Economist at the National Treasury of Kenya, Monica Asuna, who will share her first-hand experience with effective and ineffective approaches from financial providers. Raimund Zühr, project manager at SEEK Development and head of the Donor Tracker initiative will join the panel to contextualize QuODA’s findings and share recent trends in ODA effectiveness.

For more information on QuODA 2021, please consult the QuODA results brief and launch blog. To learn more on the QuODA 2021 framework, see here: How to Assess the Quality of Official Development Assistance (QuODA).

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