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QuODA is a powerful tool developed originally by CGD and the Brookings Institution to measure which donors provide “higher quality aid” and how they can improve. QuODA addresses the question, “How are donors doing on the commitments that they have made to improving aid quality?”  QuODA is an assessment of donors' efforts to comply with their commitments to those dimension of aid quality that evidence and experience suggest lead to effective aid.

The 2018 edition of Quality of Official Development Assistance (QuODA) consists of 24 indicators measured across 27 bilateral donors and 13 multilateral agencies. The indicators are grouped into four dimensions that reflect international best practices of aid effectiveness: maximizing efficiency, fostering institutions, reducing the burden on recipient countries, and transparency and learning.

The aim of QuODA is to increase the quality of aid by assessing and comparing donor performance against the commitments they have made to improving aid quality. QuODA is intended to allow donors to assess their performance against peers on multiple dimensions of aid quality to engage in a dialog that improves the way aid is given.

The QuODA framework provides summary information in a quantitative fashion on donor efforts to improve aid effectiveness. The indicators used are all those that donors, aid agencies and academics have concluded are important for aid effectiveness. QuODA is not, however, a complete measure of aid effectiveness or impact. The results of aid depend on the combination of donor effort and the performance of recipient countries or other executors of aid programs, not just on the donor.

QuODA is both a stand-alone analysis, and the foundation for the ‘aid quality’ sub-component of CGD’s Commitment to Development Index (CDI).

CGD intends to undertake a methodological review of QuODA throughout 2018-2019 to incorporate recent developments in evidence, thinking or any relevant new data around aid effectiveness.

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