12:30—2:00 PM
Center for Global Development
2055 L Street NW
- Fifth Floor
Washington , DC 20036

Getting Economic Evaluations Right for Better Decision Making in Health: Insights from Recent Reviews


Mark Sculpher
Professor of Health Economics, University of York Host

Amanda Glassman
Vice President for Programs and Director of Global Health Policy, Center for Global Development

Economic evaluations are crucial for countries to realize the benefits of universal health coverage. They are one of the best tools governments have to help determine which health technologies and interventions should be covered and which should not, and to ensure they get the most health out of their limited budgets. However, today we see numerous methodologies applied, with varying quality and consistency, making it hard for governments to know which approaches are most accurate and useful.

In this seminar, Mark Sculpher will share insights from the forthcoming results of the second US Panel on Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health and Medicine, as well as from his involvement in a 2014 assessment of the economic evaluations funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He will also discuss the potential implications of these efforts for researchers and governments in low- and middle-income countries—especially those moving toward universal health coverage.



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