4:30—5:30 PM
Center for Global Development, 1800 Massachusetts Ave, NW, 3rd Floor, Washington, DC

How to Create a Unique Online Communications Strategy: David Roodman and His Open Book Blog

A Center for Global Development Roundtable Discussion

David Roodman
Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development

Hosted by
Jessica Brinton
Co-founder of Development Communicators Network
Media Relations Coordinator, Center for Global Development

CGD is pleased to host this roundtable discussion for the Development Communicator’s Network as part of an ongoing event series of speakers and workshops for communications professionals in the international development field. At the event David Roodman will discuss how he used online communications, including social media and creating an ‘open book blog’, to build momentum for his upcoming book about microfinance, Due Diligence (to be released this spring). This discussion will be geared toward a communications practitioner audience that is interested in learning from David’s remarkable success in building an online communications strategy.

David Roodman is a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development currently focusing on microfinance. His forthcoming book Due Diligence asks bottom-line questions about what we know about the benefits of microfinance, and what that implies for how it should be supported. He wrote the book through a pathbreaking "open book" blog, where he shared questions, discoveries, and chapter drafts. Roodman has been architect and manager of the Commitment to Development Index since the project's inception in 2002. Roodman has written several papers questioning the capacity of common cross-country statistical techniques to shed light on what causes economic development. He co-authored a 2004 American Economic Review paper that challenged findings of World Bank research that aid works in a good policy environment. His non-technical Guide for the Perplexed builds on analysis of methodological problems and fragility in other studies.

The Development Communicators Network is a new group for communications professionals on the 'front lines' of communications in the international development field. The Network provides an online platform for sharing tips and tools, as well as a an ongoing series of communications related events focused around online communications to help professionals improve their communications reach. The group is an informal partnership between professional communicators at leading international development organizations including the Center for Global Development. Learn more about the Development Communicators Network and sign-up here.


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