4:00—5:30 PM
Center for Global Development
2055 L Street
- Fifth Floor
Washington, DC 20036

Innovation for Development: Why Are We not Getting to Scale?




Ann Mei Chang, Chief Innovation Officer and the Executive Director of the U.S. Global Development Lab, US Agency for International Development

Michael Faye, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, GiveDirectly

Sonal Shah, Founding Executive Director, Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovation, Georgetown University

Charles Kenny, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development 


Rajesh Mirchandani, Vice President for Communications and Policy Outreach, Center for Global Development

Development depends on innovation. New ideas, new funding mechanisms and new technologies save and improve lives, from vaccines to solar lamps to Development Impact Bonds. But even if innovations reach a million people, they still fall short of the billion who live in poverty. 
How do we know when an innovation is ready to scale and how do we scale to the size of the problem? How do we make innovative solutions financially sustainable? How do we roll-out a successful idea across countries when no two countries’ conditions are the same? What is the role of aid agencies and governments in innovating to scale?  
Ann Mei Chang, Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Director of USAID’s Global Development Lab, keynotes a CGD discussion where innovators and experts will dissect the challenges and explore opportunities to do better in harnessing innovation for development.
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