3:30—5:00 PM ET

Measuring Development Impact: DFC’s New Impact Quotient (IQ) Tool


  • Adam Boehler, Chief Executive Officer of the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC)
  • Representative Joaquin Castro, Vice-Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee


  • Claire Avett, Vice President of the Office of Development Policy, U.S. International Development Finance Corporation
  • Hans Peter Lankes, Vice President, Economics and Private Sector Development, International Finance Corporation


  • Amanda Glassman, Executive Vice President, Center for Global Development (CGD)


The US International Development Finance Corporation, better known as DFC, recently launched the first iteration of its Impact Quotient (IQ), a new tool the agency will use to assess the development impact of prospective projects on growth, inclusion, and innovation. Designed to be integrated throughout the lifespan of a project, IQ will also be used to track impact and assess whether projects deliver anticipated development outcomes.

Please join us for an event on DFC’s plans to operationalize its new IQ framework. CGD Executive Vice President Amanda Glassman will lead a virtual armchair conversation with DFC CEO Adam Boehler and Representative Joaquin Castro exploring how IQ will help DFC achieve the development mandate established by the BUILD Act. Following their discussion, DFC Vice President of Development Policy Claire Avett will present the specifics of the IQ tool—and take part in a panel discussion, alongside IFC Vice President Hans Peter Lanke, on design and implementation of the new tool.

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