11:00—12:15 PM ET

New Work on Measuring Women’s Economic Empowerment: Striving for Harmonization and Practical Applications

The Birdsall House Conference on Women identifies and highlights leading research and scholarly findings on women’s empowerment in the field of development economics. Past conferences have focused on contraception as a tool for economic empowerment, the intersection of early childhood development and women’s economic empowerment, and the role of the private sector in improving the lives of women and girls. The conference series is named after CGD’s founding president Nancy Birdsall.

This year the conference is being co-organized by CGD, Data2X and the World Bank to explore the practical applications of advancements in measuring women’s economic empowerment (WEE) to inform policies and project results frameworks. Data2X and the Center for Global Development will be launching a new report, Measuring Women’s Economic Empowerment: A Compendium of Selected Tools, which aims to help researchers, donors, policymakers, and the private sector understand how different women’s economic empowerment (WEE) measurement tools are built—and select among these tools to measure WEE in their own contexts.

This webinar will convene a range of actors interested in the practical utilization of WEE measures to track the performance of development policies and projects and will discuss efforts to fill gaps in measuring women’s economic empowerment and ensure that these efforts are both collaborative and harmonized.

Opening Remarks

  • Katherine Hay, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Jim Jones, ExxonMobil Foundation
  • Emily Courey Pryor, Data2X

Presentation: Measuring Women’s Economic Empowerment: A Compendium of Selected Tools

  • Mayra Buvinic, CGD and Data2X

Panel Discussion

  • Thomas Bossuroy, World Bank Group
  • Helen McEachern, Cherie Blair Foundation
  • Jen Braswell, CDC
  • Shagun Sabarwal, J-PAL

Closing Remarks

  • Caren Grown, World Bank Group
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