9:00—4:30 PM
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1779 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

South-South Cooperation and Global Trade: Bypassing the Hegemon?

For George Mason University’s Center for Global Studies's event South-South Cooperation and Global Trade: Bypassing the Hegemon? on Friday, March 21, 2008, a distinguished panel of experts examine a range of issues relating to the new geopolitics of emerging markets, the current state of global trade relations, South-South cooperation, and how to move global trade forward in 2008. Topics to be covered include Brazil and the new South American regionalism, China's role in Africa, Russian outreach to the Middle East, transnational Muslim networks, and the future of South-South co-operation, among others. 

The afternoon program featured a roundtable on the future of global trade relations and new opportunities for progress in the stalled Doha Round.

Speakers included:
Sean Burges (Carleton University) 
Yvonne Captain-Hidalgo (George Washington University) 
Joshua Eisenman (American Foreign Policy Council) 
Kim Elliott (Center for Global Development/Peterson Institute) 
Mark N. Katz (George Mason University) 
Gawain Kripke (Oxfam America) 
Peter Mandaville (George Mason University) 
Will Martin (The World Bank) 
Christine McDaniel (US Treasury) 
James H. Mittelman (American University) 
Devesh Roy (International Food Policy Research Institute) 
Steve Suppan (Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy) 



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