3:30—5:00 PM
Center for Global Development
2055 L Street, NE
- Fifth Floor
Washington, DC 20036

Toward Universal Health Care: Lessons from Latin America on Health Benefits Plans

Opening Remarks
Ferdinando Regalia, Chief of Social Protection and Health Division, Inter-American Development Bank

Keynote Speakers
Eduardo Gonzalez-Pier
Vice Minister of Health, Mexico
Sebastian Pavlovic
Superintendent of Health, Chile

Presentation by
Ursula Giedion, Director of the Regional Network on Benefits Packages and Explicit Priority Setting, Inter-American Development Bank

Followed by moderated discussion with keynote speakers and presenter, joined by

Ricardo Bitran, Health Economist, Chile
Amanda Glassman, Senior Fellow and Director of Global Health Policy, Center for Global Development

Health benefit plans (HBPs) can help ensure the best health services reach the greatest number of people possible. In times of unprecedented financial challenge and amidst a global push for universal health care, explicit HBPs are an essential tool for countries to create an equitable, sustainable and technically sound health care system.

The experience of several Latin American countries offers lessons on the design, implementation and adjustment of HBPs. This event will present the key findings from a seven-country study on HBPs in Latin America, including methods for priority setting, costing, and evaluating HBP’s, and the processes and institutions necessary to ensure that the plans are technically and politically feasible. Speakers will highlight the experience with HBPs in Chile and Mexico, and debate the advantages and disadvantages of explicit HBPs globally. Reception to follow.  See full agenda here.

This event is being held in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank and will mark the launch of their recent publication “Health Benefit Plans in Latin America: A regional comparison.”

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