4:30—6:00 PM ET

Updating the World Bank’s Gender Strategy: The Critical Role for Social Protection


  • Laura Rawlings, Lead Economist, Gender Group, World Bank 

  • Michal Rutkowski, Global Director for Social Protection and Jobs, World Bank 

  • Shalini Roy, Senior Research Fellow, Poverty, Gender, and Inclusion Unit, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

  • Kathryn Falb, Senior Researcher, International Rescue Committee (IRC) 


  • Eeshani Kandpal, Senior Fellow, Gender Equality and Inclusion Research Program, Center for Global Development 

We are at a pivotal moment as the WBG is updating their 2016-2023 Gender Strategy amidst numerous crises and setbacks to gender equality. Gender-responsive social protection will be critical to preventing further setbacks and advancing gender equality during these crises.  

In this session, the WBG will share their vision for the Gender Strategy Update and the goals they set out to achieve by 2030. This will be followed by a panel discussion bringing together social protection experts from the WBG and civil society to develop priority areas of action and strategic approaches for centering social protection in the update. 

This event will be streamed on the Civil Society Website. A link will be available closer to the event. See details here. It is co-hosted with WeProsper.

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