5:00—7:00 PM AEDT
Acton Theatre, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU
132 Lennox Crossing
JG Crawford School of Public Policy
Acton, ACT 2601

Cancelled: Using Migration to Manage Demographic Pressure

This event will be co-hosted with The Development Policy Centre in Acton, Australia. Researchers from CGD will discuss new initiatives aimed at regulating this migration, drawing on experience around the world.

Over the next 80 years, the world will experience significant demographic shifts. Developed countries are seeing massive reductions in their working-age populations, due to a combination of below-replacement fertility and increased longevity. The impact of this is already being felt, with the private sector in many countries demanding an increase in the number of workers available and the types of skills that they possess. At the same time, developing countries are seeing massive increases in their working-age populations. Many of these new labour market entrants will enter increasingly developed local economies, others will migrate regionally in search of opportunities. And others will seek work elsewhere, in places such as the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia, to pursue fulfilling livelihoods and send remittances back home. Managing migration to the benefit of all involved is therefore one of the most pressing issues of our time. In this public event, researchers from the Center for Global Development (CGD) will discuss new initiatives aimed at regulating this movement through a Global Skill Partnership model. The discussion will draw on experiences between Central America and the United States, between sub-Saharan Africa and Europe, and between the Pacific and Australia, shedding light on new developments in migration policy, and what lessons they could hold for our changing world.


Professor Satish Chand, Professor of Finance, School of Business, University of New South Wales; Visiting Fellow, Center for Global Development

Ms Helen Dempster, Assistant Director and Senior Associate for Policy Outreach for the Migration, Displacement, and Humanitarian Policy Program, Center for Global Development

Refreshments will be provided prior to the forum in the foyer outside of Acton Theatre from 5-5:30pm.

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