5:30—7:00 PM
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Keppel Street
John Snow Theatre
London, LND WC1E 7HT

What Works in Global Health?: Lessons Learned from Millions Saved

This is a non-CGD event and will take place in London. The event is open to the public.


Richard Smith, Professor of Health System Economics, Dean of Faculty of Public Health & Policy, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Amanda Glassman, Vice President for Programs and Director of Global Health Policy, Center for Global Development

Ruth Levine, Global Development and Population Program Director, Hewlett Foundation

Over the past 15 years, people in low- and middle-income countries have experienced a health revolution – one that has created new opportunities and brought new challenges. It is a revolution that keeps mothers and babies alive, helps children grow, and enables adults to thrive.

The Center for Global Development book, Millions Saved: New Cases of Proven Success in Global Health, authored by Amanda Glassman and Miriam Temin with the Millions Saved team, chronicles this global revolution from the ground up. It showcases 18 remarkable cases in which large-scale efforts to improve health in developing countries succeeded and 4 cases in which promising interventions fell short of their health targets when scaled up. Each case demonstrates how much effort is required to fight illness and sustain good health.

Join us as we discuss what works in global health and how lessons learned from health can be applied to other sectors. Following a keynote address by Professor Richard Smith, Amanda Glassman and Ruth Levine will share highlights from the book and participate in a conversation on how we can ensure programs are even more successful in the future. 

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