Ethan Kapstein on How Social Movements Succeed: Lessons from HIV/AIDS

AIDS Drugs for All: Social Movements and Market Transformations, a new book by Ethan Kapstein and Joshua Busby, describes the politics and economics of the profound transformation in the market for antiretroviral (ARV) medications from “high price, low volume” to “universal access.” How did that change occur? Are there lessons for other social campaigns, such as those addressing other global health challenges, human trafficking, and climate change?

Kapstein, a professor of political science at Arizona State University, will present the key findings from the book. Jeremy Shiffman and Michele de Nevers will offer critiques and explore whether or not it’s possible to apply lessons from the international movement for universal AIDS treatment to other issues in global health and beyond.

Ethan Kapstein
Professor, McCain Institute, Arizona State University
Visiting Fellow, Center for Global Development

With Discussants
Michele de Nevers
Senior Associate
Center for Global Development

Jeremy Shiffman
Associate Professor of Public Administration and Policy
American University

Hosted by
Lawrence MacDonald
Vice President for Communications and Policy Outreach
Center for Global Development