Cross-Country Data on AIDS Treatment and HIV Prevalence in 2006-07

June 05, 2009

Every year, UNAIDS releases updated estimates of the number of people living with HIV and AIDS and the mortality impact of the epidemic, while WHO releases data on the number of people on treatment and the number needing treatment. This dataset, from CGD senior fellow Mead Over and Owen McCarthy, is a compilation of selected variables from these published sources as well as from the World Bank Development Indicators and the International Monetary Fund’s estimates of economic quantities such as Gross Domestic Product and central government health expenditures.

The data are in the format developed by the Stata statistical software corporation and are intended for use with the AIDSCost package for the purpose of projecting the future budgetary cost of scaling up AIDS treatment. Instructions on how to download acces and use the AIDSCost package are included in the users' manual. The authors encourage comments on their blog or as an e-mail to them, which will be considered for posting.

(CGD’s HIV/AIDS Monitor Initiative provides access to data on past AIDS funding PEPFAR, the World Bank and the Global Fund.)

Cross-posted in Teach/Learn as "Projecting the Future Budgetary Cost of AIDS Treatment (Manual, Software Package and Dataset)."


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