A Doing Business Facility: A Proposal for Enhancing Business Climate Reform Assistance

The Supporting Business Climate Reforms Working Group
February 06, 2010

Africa remains extremely difficult for entrepreneurs. Donors are increasingly targeting assistance to address the investment-climate constraints that hinder private-sector growth.

Putting the Go in AGOA: A Doing Business Facility is one way to give the African Growth and Opportunity Act some teeth, blogs senior fellow Todd Moss.

This report, part of the Advancing Africa’s Private Sector Series, lays out the case for promoting investment climate reforms more strategically, various options for implementing a system to do so, and possible institutional homes for the proposed facility.

The report explores several options for selecting which countries would qualify for Doing Business assistance. Regardless of the selection model chosen, using transparent third-party data to allocate help to those countries most serious about reform not only improves the chances of success but is also less likely to waste taxpayer-funded resources.


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