Workshop Summary: Exploring Development Impact Bonds in Nutrition

February 24, 2014

 From the paper: 

Workshop Objectives 
CGD convened experts in nutrition and/or innovative finance in Washington DC and London for a workshop on February 24th about Development Impact Bonds (DIBs). The objective of the workshop was to initiate a discussion among various actors who have been exploring or are interested in exploring how a DIB structure
could be used to improve development outcomes in the nutrition sector. The workshop sought to stimulate more concrete thinking on this topic and organize a discussion around a few key questions, including: 
  • Is a DIB suitable for the nutrition sector? Can DIBs address current challenges in this 
  • sector? 
  • Do suitable outcome indicators and evidence-based interventions exist to design a 
  • nutrition DIB?
  • What might some of the obstacles to implementing a DIB be? 
  • What might be an appropriate scale for pilots be? 
  • Who are the potential players and what are the next steps?
The discussion covered three broad topics: clarifying concepts around what DIBs are and the value that they can add; considering design issues for a nutrition DIB; and identifying possible ways to move towards implementation. 

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