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CGD Podcast: Supporting Women Economists in Latin America with Ana María Ibáñez
December 14, 2023
CGD's Eeshani Kandpal speaks with the Interamerican Development Bank's Ana María Ibáñez about her recent report on women economists in Latin America, the reflection of cultural norms in education and the workplace, and the importance of role models and mentors in shaping expectations.
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CGD Podcast: Elevating Women and People of Color to IFI Leadership with Amie Batson and Francisco Ferreira
October 05, 2023
Only one woman born and raised in a low- or middle-income country has ever headed an international financial institution. CGD's Eeshani Kandpal speaks with Francisco Ferreira from the London School of Economics and Amie Batson from WomenLift Health about what effective mentorship and allyship can lo...
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The Future of Education in Afghanistan: Zuhra Faizi and Rob Jenkins on the CGD Podcast
October 20, 2021
CGD's Susannah Hares speaks with Zuhra Faizi of Harvard and MIT and Rob Jenkins of UNICEF about the history and current status of Afghan education, the role of community-based schools, and what international institutions must do now to keep Afghan children in school.  
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Women's Economic Empowerment in India: Soumya Kapoor on the CGD Podcast
August 11, 2021
Megan O'Donnell of CGD and Soumya Kapoor of IWWAGE discuss breaking down the barriers that keep Indian women from the workforce, the roles of local and international actors, and promising policy models in India.
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How Can We Hold Commitment Makers Accountable? Reflections Ahead of the Paris Generation Equality Forum
May 17, 2021
As the Paris convening of the Generation Equality Forum draws near, I revisit the key takeaways of that note and draw out implications for the Forum’s commitment makers, both in the immediate term and in the long run. I propose that a robust accountability mechanism for global gender equality should...
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The Art of Indirect Measures: Asking about Violence Against Women and Children in Remote Surveys
April 29, 2021
Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers grappled with an ethical and methodological dilemma: should they integrate measures of violence against women and children into remote data collection efforts—and if so, what logistical protocols were required to safeguard participants against harm? Des...
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Addressing Violence against Women and Children during COVID-19: It’s Time to Advance, Not Retreat
April 20, 2021
On March 20, President Tayyip Erdogan announced Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention, aimed at preventing and combatting violence against women and domestic violence. The first binding treaty on the topic, the Istanbul Convention seeks to promote governments’ accountability in preventing...