Lagos to Mombasa: Recap and Reflections on Season 1

April 01, 2022

Throughout this season of Lagos to Mombasa, host Gyude Moore spoke with researchers and practitioners about policies, problems, and promise across Africa, covering topics from vaccine access and climate change and to migration and post-pandemic recovery. 

In this final episode, Gyude shares his takeaways from the first season and underlines the importance of elevating underrepresented ideas, research, and viewpoints from those most affected by global challenges. 

Climate change in particular has been a constant factor in Season 1's conversations. Therefore, after a short hiatus, Lagos to Mombasa will return for Season 2 with a focus on climate policy and impact in African countries. Episodes will discuss the importance of future energy transitions, the role of natural gas in Africa, and the continent’s supply of necessary minerals and metals for wind, solar, and geothermal power.

Stay tuned! 


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