9:00—10:30 AM
Top of the Hill Conference Center, The Minuteman Ballroom B, One Constitution Avenue, NE, Washington, DC

The White House and the World: A Global Development Agenda for the Next U.S. President

Each day brings fresh evidence that Americans’ well-being is linked to the lives of others around the world as never before. Accelerating advances in technology and the creation of new knowledge offer undreamed-of opportunities. Yet global poverty, inequality, disease and the threat of rapid climate change threaten our hopes. How will the administration tackle these global challenges? A new collection of essays by the Center for Global Development, The White House and the World, shows how modest changes in U.S. policies could greatly improve the lives of poor people in developing countries, thus fostering greater stability, security and prosperity globally and at home. 

On September 18, 2008, CGD hosted an event on Capitol Hill to discuss and highlight the global development agenda for the next U.S. president. CGD experts Kimberly Ann Elliott, Ruth Levine, and Steve Radelet offered fresh perspectives and practical advice on trade, global health, and foreign aid. CGD president Nancy Birdsall explained why and how the next U.S. president must lead in the creation of a better, safer world, and Senator Robert Menendez provided opening remarks.

Read Senator Menendez's prepared remarks and partial transcript from event. (pdf, 54K)


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