The Quality of Official Development Assistance Assessment 2009: Is Aid Quality Improving?

April 02, 2012

QuODA is a powerful tool developed by the Brookings Institution and the Center for Global Development to show which donor countries and agencies provide “higher quality aid” and what each can do to improve. On the basis of quantifiable indicators, it compares the quality of official development assistance and allows users to identify strengths and weaknesses of individual donors across four dimensions of effective aid:

  • maximizing efficiency
  • fostering institutions
  • reducing burden
  • transparency and learning

Like the first edition of the report, this second edition assesses how donors are doing on the commitments they have made. It focuses on the changes that have occurred in donor performance since the first edition. Since then, more donors have joined the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) and there has been more donor support to selected global public good facilities. But overall improvement was modest. Transparency showed the most improvement; changes were positive but small on indicators measuring support of recipient-country institutions and reducing the burden on recipient countries; and there was no net change in efficiency. On the negative side, donors became less selective, by recipient country and by sector.

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