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A forklift moves pallets of USAID supplies. Photo by Lance Cheung/USDA.

Trump’s Looming Aid Cuts Are Unwise—Are They Also Unconstitutional?

After seeing Congress repeatedly reject its proposals for drastic foreign aid cuts, the White House is once again making a late-breaking attempt to subvert Congressional budget intent. These measures are designed to look like good-faith steps to take stock of federal spending before the end of the fiscal year, avoid a frivolous spend-down of expiring funds, and conserve unused resources. The reality is far different.

A health worker during the Ebola crisis in West Africa puts on a mask. Photo by Morgana Wingard/USAID

Three Big Lessons for The Next Pandemic Response

The next pandemic is coming. We don’t know when it will hit or what it will be, but we do know that risk factors for the spread of infectious disease are worsening. The 2014–15 Ebola outbreak in West Africa provides a useful microcosm of the challenges a pandemic would pose. My new report explores how policymakers navigated the policy and operational challenges of rolling out a large-scale outbreak response with no strategic or operational blueprint.