Multilateral Development Banks

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Inside the Development Leader's Conference 2021: Carin Jämtin and Alexia Latortue on the CGD Podcast
November 23, 2021
CGD's Masood Ahmed speaks with Sida's Carin Jämtin and MCC's Alexia Latortue about their takeaways from the 2021 Development Leaders Conference, including the tensions between national and global challenges, how development agency leaders can address them, and what these decisions might mean for age...
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Forging an MDB System: The Missing Piece in the Governance Architecture
April 20, 2021
Few would argue that collaboration and collective efforts across the multilateral development banks (MDBs) are not urgently needed. Yet while the logic and need are obvious, the actual extent of collaboration between MDBs is limited. Our recent paper explores how this gap in the international financ...
Forging an MDB System: Strategy and Governance
April 20, 2021
The need for collaboration and cooperation across the multilateral development banks (MDBs) seems obvious. Donor governments set up these institutions to multiply their development dollars, to concentrate global development expertise, and to spread knowledge and evidence of effective development pol...
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Money in the Bank: What’s Behind Slow Demand for MDB Financing for Vaccines?
April 19, 2021
What's behind the limited demand for multilateral development bank financing for vaccine procurement and vaccination so far? Amanda Glassman reviews 5 possibilities.
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$1.9 Trillion and No Money for the Multilateral Development Banks?
March 22, 2021
The Biden administration and the Congress rightly went big in the recently passed American Rescue Plan at a time of tremendous need. The package was appropriately focused on the domestic side, but it did not neglect the rest of the world. One might reasonably ask then why $1 billion or $2 billi...
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IDB Governors: The Case for Capital Replenishment Needs To Be Made
March 18, 2021
This week, the Inter-American Development Bank’s governors gather for their annual meeting. Much is at stake as the region reels under the compound crises of COVID-19 and recession. But none of this urgency is yet evident in the IDB’s public case to its member countries.
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The Case for an IDB Capital Increase Is Everywhere Except in the IDB’s Lending Numbers
March 01, 2021
Today the IDB is again making the case for a capital increase to its shareholders. Yet, despite an unfolding crisis that threatens development progress in Latin America to a degree that eclipses the Global Financial Crisis,  talk of a financing cliff at the bank is absent from its appeal for mo...