2:00—3:00 PM
Center for Global Development
2055 L Street NW
- Fifth Floor
Washington , DC 20036

Redoubling our Resolve for Global Development: A Conversation with Christine Lagarde

Please join us for a special event to mark CGD’s 15th anniversary, when IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde will give a speech highlighting the critical role of global collaboration to address the issues facing low-income developing countries. Last year, the international community came together to agree on historic goals to drive development across the globe through 2030. Today those commitments are now even more urgent as the global economy faces serious challenges - low growth, weak commodity prices, financial market volatility, and geopolitical uncertainties. The implications for the poorest nations are stark.
Mme. Lagarde will consider lessons learned over the last 15 years, today’s key urgent priorities, and longer term megatrends; and she will explore the steps individual countries and the international community—including through the Bretton Woods Institutions—can take to support low income developing countries to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. The speech will be followed by a conversation with CGD President Nancy Birdsall, and Q&A with the audience.
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