10:00—11:00 AM ET / 3:00-4:00 PM BST

Best Buy Lists and Priority Setting Tools for Universal Health Coverage


  • Victoria Fan, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development; presenting with Jubilee Ahazie, Research Assistant, Center for Global Development
  • Budi Hidayat, Chair, Center for Health Economics and Policy Studies, Universitas Indonesia 
  • Teri Reynolds, Unit Head, Clinical Services and Systems, World Health Organization
  • David Watkins, Associate Professor, Global Health, University of Washington

Next month, the United Nations General Assembly will host a high-level meeting on Universal Health Coverage (UHC), bringing UHC to the forefront of the global health agenda. The pursuit of UHC requires cost-effectiveness to inform what health benefits to prioritize and include in national health programs. This process, also known as priority-setting, should play a vital role in resource allocation and decision-making, although arguably remains relatively underutilized, despite the World Health Organization’s recognition of the importance of priority setting and health technology assessment in achieving UHC. Countries experiencing debt distress, in particular, may need to use priority-setting tools to make tough decisions and trade-offs about what services to keep amidst severe budget cuts. Using evidence-based priority-setting tools can help countries make those tough choices. 

Join the Center for Global Development for a panel discussion with experts and researchers on the use of priority setting tools for universal health coverage. The discussion will include an overview on the progress of priority setting on the global agenda, underscore results from our recent policy paper reviewing key priority setting tools, and engage in a discussion on the value of priority setting tools to design national health benefits packages.

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