10:00—11:00 AM EST | 3:00-4:00 PM BST

Celebrating a Decade of Health Prioritization: Launching the Health Systems & Reform Special Issue on Priority-Setting


Javier Guzman, Director of the Global Health Policy Program and Senior Policy Fellow, CGD


Ursula Giedion, Senior Health Economist Consultant and Non-Resident Fellow, CGD

Saudamini Dabak, Head of the International Unit, Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Program (HITAP), Ministry of Public Health, Thailand

Satoshi Ezoe, Director of the Global Health Strategy Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan

Mark Blecher, Chief Director of Health and Social Development, National Treasury, South Africa 

Justice Nonvignon, Former Acting Head of Health Economics and Financing, Africa Centers for Disease Control, Ethiopia 

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Most low- and middle-income countries have entered a sustained period of lower growth, putting pressure on budgets available for achieving universal health coverage. At the same time, populations are aging and non-communicable diseases are rapidly on the rise, increasing demand on health services that are still recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. The reality is that many governments are now between a rock and a hard place—and are asking—how can we change course given the limited fiscal space? 

Over the last ten years, CGD and partners in the international Decision Support Initiative (iDSI) network have worked with governments to build national priority setting institutions. These institutions may offer a solution to the current fiscal crises, focusing limited resources on the most important and effective health services. Such institutions can save lives and have the potential to offer substantial returns on investment. In India, our analysis suggests that HTA in the Indian health technology assessment agency, had an overall return of 9:1

Join experts and policymakers as we launch a special issue of Health Systems & Reform to celebrate ten years of building priority-setting institutions around the world and discuss how rigorous evidence-based priority-setting can support smart spending decisions in times of fiscal crises.

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