9:30—11:00 AM Washington DC time

Charting a Global Health Agenda for Development Finance Institutions


  • Søren Peter Andreasen, CEO, Association of European Development Finance Institutions
  • Mary-Ann Etiebet, Lead and Executive Director, Merck for Mothers and Board Member, Center for Global Development
  • Nafisa Jiwani, Managing Director, Health Initiatives, U.S. International Development Finance Corporation
  • Patrick Osewe, Chief of Health Sector Group, Asian Development Bank
  • John Simon, Founding Partner, Total Impact Capital
  • Mara Hansen Staples, Founder, Salient Advisory


  • Rachel Silverman, Policy Fellow, Center for Global Development


  • Julia Kaufman, Research Associate, Center for Global Development

In the context of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and widening resource gaps for health at the national level, development finance institutions (DFIs) are well-placed to contribute to efforts to strengthen pandemic preparedness and expand access to health products and innovations. But historically, DFI engagement in the health sector has been minimal. DFIs also face challenges to building a solid pipeline of projects in lower-income markets and systematically articulating and assessing the development impact of their financing, particularly for social sectors like health.

Join the Center for Global Development for a discussion of the key ways in which DFIs can contribute much-needed finance and incentivize innovative health solutions in order to promote health impact and insure against future health crises, building on recent work by CGD and other colleagues. Speakers will reflect on challenges related to balancing sometimes competing policy imperatives related to health equity and commercial viability and examine opportunities for DFIs to safeguard effectiveness, leverage, and impact as they expand their health portfolios, enabling DFIs to better realize their potential within the global health ecosystem.

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