3:30—5:00 PM
Center for Global Development
2055 L St, NW
- Fifth Floor
Washington, DC 20036

Global Health Supply Chains: The Role of Private Wholesalers & Distributors in Improving Access to Medicines


  • Clinton de Souza, Project Lead, Partnership for Supply Chain Management (PFSCM)
  • Dominique Baabo, National Coordinator, Health Systems Strengthening Project, Ministry of Health, Democratic Republic of the Congo


  • Ann Allen, Program Officer - Systems Innovation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Lombe Kasonde, Health Specialist, World Bank
  • James Maloney, Chief, Supply Chain for Health Division, Global Health Bureau, U.S. Agency for International Development
  • Mark Parrish, President, International Federation of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (IFPW)
  • John Simon, Founding Partner, Total Impact Capital and former US Ambassador to the African Union


Prashant Yadav, Visiting Fellow, Center for Global Development and Professor, INSEAD


Join the Center for Global Development for a presentation and panel discussion on the role of private wholesalers and distributors in global health supply chains to improve access to medicines.

Private wholesalers and distributors are the mainstay of health product distribution in most OECD countries. Retail and hospital pharmacies place their orders for the medicines and health products they need with their selected distributors, and the distributors deliver the orders, often daily. However, private wholesalers and distributors have received considerably less attention in health care supply chains in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). While this is partially due to a highly fragmented wholesaler and distributor landscape and weak technical capacity, it is also driven by a lack of understanding of the capabilities of wholesalers and distributors operating in LMICs.

This event will start with a presentation of the latest findings by Clinton de Souza regarding the technical and operational capabilities of existing wholesalers and distributors and their potential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of global health supply chains. The presentation will be followed by an interactive panel discussion with key stakeholders to highlight the current thinking of global policymakers regarding the potential role of private wholesalers and distributors in achieving reliable, affordable, and high-quality supply of health products in LMICs.

Please join us for a reception following the panel.

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