4:00—6:00 PM
Center for Global Development
2055 L Street NW
- Fifth Floor
Washington, DC 20036

Oil to Cash: Fighting the Resource Curse with Cash Transfers

Featuring Authors

Todd Moss
Chief Operating Officer and Senior Fellow
Center for Global Development

Caroline Lambert
Visiting Fellow
Center for Global Development

Stephanie Majerowicz
PhD Candidate in Public Policy
Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Comments by

Moises Naim
Author of ​The End of Power​
Former Minister of Trade and Industry, Venezuela

Ben Leo
Director of Rethinking US Development Policy and Senior Fellow
Center for Global Development

Oil to Cash: Fighting the Resource Curse with Cash Transfers proposes a radical new policy option for countries facing the daunting challenges of natural resource windfalls: citizen dividends. Authors Todd Moss, Caroline Lambert, and Stephanie Majerowicz make the case for every citizen to receive a share of their nation’s resource wealth through a regular, universal, and rules-based cash payment. Oil-to-Cash would benefit both citizens and governments by transferring cash directly into the hands of the people while creating incentives to restore the social contract built on taxation and accountability. They also address delivery options, common objections, and the most promising country cases.

Oil to Cash was launched on June 10th at at CGD. The reception was followed by a discussion with the authors and guest Moisés Naím, author and former Venezuelan Minister of Trade and Industry. 

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