9:00—10:30 AM
Center for Global Development
2055 L St, NW
- Fifth Floor
Washington, DC 20036

Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe: What Are the Prospects for Real Change and U.S. Influence?


Mark Bellamy, former US Ambassador to Kenya

Michelle Gavin, former NSC Senior Director and US Ambassador to Botswana

Todd Moss, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Africa

Alexander Noyes, Senior Associate, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Bruce Wharton, former US Ambassador to Zimbabwe

Pledging to heal Zimbabwe’s political divisions, restore democracy, and rebuild a bankrupt economy, President Emmerson Mnangagwa is seeking his first-ever mandate from voters in national elections on July 30. Five members of the Zimbabwe Working Group—an independent, non-partisan study group composed of former US officials, scholars, and advocates with experience in Zimbabwe—traveled to Harare May 20-25 to meet with the government, opposition leaders, and a wide range of business, religious, and civil society organizations to assess prospects for free and fair elections and for meaningful political and economic reform. Please join us to hear from the delegation as they share their findings and recommendations for US policy.


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