10:00—11:30 AM Sep 22, 2022 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Safety First: Eliminate Violence to Transform Education



Susannah Hares, Senior Fellow and Education Co-Director, Center for Global Development

Sohini Bhattacharya, CEO, Breakthrough
Nicole Haberland, Senior Associate, Population Council
Dipak Naker, Co-founder and Co-Director, Raising Voices
Representative from the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education of Sierra Leone

This event is co-hosted by the World Bank Group, Evidence for Gender and Education Resource at the Population Council and by the Center for Global Development.

Presented on the sidelines of the Transforming Education Summit.

Children around the world are exposed to unconscionable levels of violence. In some regions, two thirds of children suffer physical violence and one third of girls suffer sexual abuse. Violence has devastating effects on brain development, health outcomes, and educational achievement all of which dims the child’s life chances and limits the potential of their country.

Efforts to prevent violence are seriously limited by patchy data, especially in low- and middle-income countries, and by the lack of proven, coordinated interventions that can reach all three of the most common locations of abuse—homes, schools, and communities.

Far too often schools and the systems around them fail at the core task of keeping children learning and safe from harm. Nobody attending the Transforming Education Summit this week would allow their children to attend schools that subjected them to abuse. And so it’s hard to understand why tackling violence is not top of the agenda at every education conference.

Join us for a conversation about the scope and scale of the problem that we are facing, what some of the proven and promising solutions are, and what governments, NGOs and the research community needs to do next to eliminate violence to transform education.


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