11:00—12:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Who To Prioritise for C19 Vaccines? A Systematic Literature Search and Narrative Review of C19 Models

This announcement is for an external event organised by C19economics.org. C19economics.org is a platform that has been put together by a group of health economics practitioners, coordinated by iDSI (the International Decision Support Initiative – led by the Center for Global Development and the Health Intervention and Technology Appraisal Program -HITAP-) and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). C19economics.org is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UK Aid, and the Wellcome Trust. It was created to curate experiences, data, tools, and analyses; facilitate the meeting of researchers and decisionmakers; and support health economists to generate evidence for policy across LMIC settings in a demand-driven and scientifically robust fashion.

How best to prioritise COVID-19 vaccination within and between countries has been a public health and an ethical challenge for decision-makers globally, especially given the vaccine supply is limited in the short and medium term. Epidemiological and economic models can support this decision by providing an assessment of the potential health and broader societal impact of competing prioritisation strategies (e.g., age based strategies, strategies based on the occupation or social networks). This allows researchers to compare those strategies as identify the optimal groups to prioritise for vaccination, based on the main public health objectives and scenarios.

In this webinar, we will discuss the results from a systematic literature search and narrative review of mathematical modelling studies of the impact of prioritising COVID-19 vaccination to different target population groups. The search identified 36 studies in various settings (low, middle, high income settings), seeking to optimise different outcomes (deaths, cases, hospitalisation, economic outcomes), looking at various vaccine characteristics, and employing different modelling methods (although we only considered mathematical models of vaccination for the review).

Those findings can be used to support the development of national prioritisation strategies, as well as international recommendations such as the WHO (through the SAGE working group on COVID-19 vaccines) has developed a roadmap to prioritisation of groups for vaccination while supply is limited.


  • Dr Y-Ling Chi, Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Global Development
  • Dr Tom Drake, Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Global Development
  • Srobana Ghosh, Policy Analyst, Center for Global Development
  • Dr Nicaise Ndembi, Senior Science Advisor, Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Juan-Pablo Pagano, Consultant, WHO PAHO region
  • Nuru Saadi, Research Assistant, Centre for Health Economics in London, LSHTM
  • Dr Anna Vassall, Professor of Health Economics and Director of the Centre for Health Economics in London, LSHTM

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                                                  Password: 054816
                                           Meeting ID: 989 9515 3134

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