10:00—10:00 AM Washington DC Time

Your World Better: Talking to Kids About Global Progress, Challenges and What They Can Do To Help

Many kids are increasingly depressed about the state of the world and its future, with some good reason. But (along with many adults) they are less aware of the progress we have made, and what that suggests about the potential to fix the problems we still face. Written for middle school students, Your World, Better looks at how America and the World has changed since the reader's parents and grandparents were young: what has happened to health and wealth, homes, school and work, rights and democracy, war and the environment, happiness and depression. It reports the positive trends, the problems that remain and what kids can do about them, emphasizing the importance of collaborative solutions. Charles Kenny will talk about his motivation for writing the book and some of what is in it before opening a discussion about engaging kids in global development.


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