9:30—4:30 PM ET

Politics and Policies in Public Health: Reflections on the Past and Challenges Moving Forward

A full schedule of the conference is available here.  

The Center for Global Development is organizing this event to bring together a community of scholars and practitioners in the field of political science and public health and celebrate the contributions of Taro Takemi Professor of International Health Policy Emeritus Michael R. Reich to literature, research, teaching, and mentoring in this field. 

As an American political scientist, Michael R. Reich’s research, writing and teaching over the past half-century have significantly contributed to our understanding and approach to political economy in public health and other domains of public policy. Considered the founder of applied political analysis in global health, his work has influenced health reforms, policy implementation in many domains, and shaped the highest levels of policymaking, including at G7 summits. Through his teaching and mentoring he has inspired students and public health practitioners, many of them now in positions of highest leadership, including ministers of health and senior officials in multilateral institutions. His expansive work forms the basis for current research by scholars around the world on health reform, political economy, pharmaceutical policy, and other areas. 


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