11:00—12:00 PM
Center for Global Development
2055 L Street NW
- Fifth Floor
Washington, DC 20036

Refugees, Displacement, and Development: What Should the World Do?

Watch the event:


Jim Yong Kim
President, World Bank Group
David Miliband
President and CEO, International Rescue Committee
Rajesh Mirchandani
Vice President for Communications and Policy Outreach, Center for Global Development
The refugee crisis emanating from the Syrian conflict has helped to focus policymakers globally on the broader challenges of populations displaced by conflict. In part, humanitarian responses have fallen short in meeting short term crisis needs. But there is also a growing recognition that long term displacement poses challenges that call for a development-oriented response extending beyond crisis measures. As hosts to large displaced populations, developing countries like Jordan, Lebanon, and Kenya have struggled to meet the needs of these populations in a way that also promotes their national development strategies.
This important public conversation will consider ways in which development partners, including the World Bank, can better meet the needs of long term displaced populations and the developing countries that host them. It will also explore opportunities for greater coordination and collaboration between humanitarian and development actors in responding to these needs. Just one week before the World Humanitarian Summit, this CGD event will bring together a small group of leading actors on the question of refugees and development.
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