9:00—10:30 AM ET

$100 Billion in Climate Finance – Have We Made It? What Next?



  • Dipak Dasgupta, Distinguished Fellow, The Energy and Resource Institute
  • Jane Ellis, Head – International Climate, OECD Environment Directorate
  • Joe Thwaites, Associate, Sustainable Finance Center, World Resource Institute
  • Rachael Calleja, Senior Research Associate, Center for Global Development
  • Timothy Gore, Head of Policy, Advocacy and Research - Climate, Food and Land, Oxfam International


  • Ian Mitchell, Co-Director of Development Cooperation in Europe, Center for Global Development


In 2009 and as part of the Paris agreement, donor countries committed to mobilize $100bn per year to developing countries to finance climate by 2020. The definition and measurement of that commitment has been a subject of ongoing debate with questions about the baseline, what counts as “new and additional,” measures of lending and ‘leverage’ and how to measure whether spend is really for ‘climate’.

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change have just closed their consultation on measuring progress, the OECD has just published its report on Climate Finance Provided and Mobilized in Developing Countries, while Oxfam have also published their Climate Finance Shadow Report 2020 looking at progress towards the target.

At this event we’ll bring together some of the leading thinkers on the subject to assess progress towards the $100bn as we approach the 2020 deadline; and also look at what providers could and should be doing both in their approach to climate finance to maximize its effectiveness in both tackling climate and alleviating its likely impacts in developing countries.

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