12:30—1:30 PM Washington DC time

Fiscal Policy at a Time of Polarization: Addressing Latin America’s Tough Dilemmas

Dealing with the worst crisis in the last 50 years and in the midst of a complex sociopolitical environment, Latin America faces important dilemmas. Developing and implementing the correct fiscal policy mix is certainly one of the toughest: How can the region struck a balance between providing much needed fiscal support and maintaining essential macroeconomic stability?

The Latin American Committee on Macroeconomic and Financial Issues (CLAAF) will discuss this dilemma and other related crucial issues including:

  • What type of public policies are best suited to protect vulnerable populations and the lower middle-income segments of society?
  • How can policy mistakes be avoided?
  • Is the IMF playing an adequate role in supporting resolution of Latin America’s public sector challenges?


  • Laura Alfaro, Warren Albert Professor, Harvard Business School; Former Minister of National Planning and Economic Policy, Costa Rica
  • Guillermo A. Calvo, Professor of Economics, International and Public Affairs, Columbia University; Former Chief Economist, Inter-American Development Bank.
  • Roque Fernández, Director, Fund for the Promotion of Research, CEMA University; Former Minister of Finance, Argentina
  • Paulo Leme, Professor of Finance, University of Miami; Former CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs do Brasil Banco Multiplo S.A.
  • José de Gregorio, Professor of Economics, University of Chile; Former Governor, Central Bank of Chile
  • Augusto de la Torre, Former Chief Economist for Latin American and the Caribbean, World Bank; Former Governor, Central Bank of Ecuador
  • Pablo Guidotti, Professor of Economics, School of Government, University Torcuato Di Tella; Former Vice Minister of Finance, Argentina
  • Enrique Mendoza, Presidential Professor of Economics, University of Pennsylvania; Director, Penn Institute for Economic Research
  • Liliana Rojas-Suarez, President, CLAAF; Director of the Latin American Initiative and Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development; Former Chief Economist for Latin America, Deutsche Bank
  • Ernesto Talvi, Former Director of the Latin America Initiative, Brookings Institution, DC; Former Academic Director of CERES; Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Uruguay
  • Andrés Velasco, Dean of the School of Public Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science; Former Minister of Finance of Chile
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