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Give Us Your Best and Brightest: The Global Hunt for Talent and Its Impact on the Developing World

CGD's Press Release (PDF)

Devesh Kapur, Associate Professor of Government and Asian Studies, University of Texas-Austin and Non-Resident Fellow, Center for Global Development and John McHale, Professor of Economics, Queen’s School of Business, Ontario, Canada, presented their new book on migration, "Give Us Your Best and Brightest: The Global Hunt for Talent and Its Impact on the Developing World at CGD hosted event.

Download the presentation slides (PDF)

Other commentators include:
Michael Clemens - Research Fellow, Center for Global Development
Doris Meissner - Senior Fellow, Migration Policy Institute and Former Commissioner, U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service

Kapur and McHale’s study, lauded as "a terrific piece of work that will put a much neglected issue on the agenda" (Dani Rodrik, Harvard University) “should become a classic in the field (Jagdish Bhagwati, Columbia University) by moving international migration to the forefront of the development debate, and stimulating discussion of rich country policies toward skilled migration. The study seeks to assess the staggeringly high share of skilled nationals who have migrated to rich countries in recent decades, and propose solutions that will better harmonize development policies and migration policies.
The authors outline recommendations that include:
• Control policies that can directly stem migrant inflows and outflows
• Compensation policies that share the spoils of emigration with those remaining behind
• Creation policies that focus on the implications of migration for the human capital of rich and poor countries
• Connection policies that strengthen diasporic interactions and capital-enhanced return.

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