2:15—4:30 PM
Inter-American Development Bank, 1300 New York Ave, NW, Washington, DC

Policy Seminar: Will the World Relapse into Crisis? Can the Region Remain Immune?

The Inter-American Development Bank presents

Introductory remarks by

Santiago Levy  (IDB)

Panel 1: Will the world relapse into Crisis?

Raghuram Rajan  (University of Chicago)

Carmen Reinhart   (Peterson Institute)

Stephen Cecchetti (Bank for International Settlements)

Will the world relapse into Crisis? Will an anemic recovery in the United States and policy impotency lead to a double-dip recession? Will Europe’s downward spiral lead to a full blown debt and banking crisis? If so, will China’s growth miracle carry on or hard land? Will the G-20 be able to extend effective protection to Emerging Markets this time around?

Panel 2:
Can the Region Remain Immune?

Guillermo Calvo  (Columbia University)

Paulo Leme  (Goldman, Sachs & Co.)

Liliana Rojas-Suárez  (Center for Global Development)

Can the Region Remain Immune? The region performed well in the last global crisis, but are there untested threats in this new strain of world crisis? What are the regional vulnerabilities to a global relapse into crisis? How should countries reassess and balance macroeconomic and macro-financial policy priorities going forward in the face of opposing global economic scenarios, where today’s overheating may suddenly transform into tomorrow’s deep freeze?

In this timely policy seminar, a panel of experts will address a number of questions facing the decision makers around the world today.


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