5:00—6:30 PM
Center for Global Development, 1800 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Lobby Level Room 1026, Washington, DC

The Seventh Annual Richard H. Sabot Lecture: Africa—A Second Independence: Redefining Old Relationships

John Githongo

Chief Executive Officer of the Inuka Kenya Trust
Former Permanent Secretary for Governance and Ethics, Republic of Kenya

John Githongo, an advocate for transparency and good governance, is well-known for his work as the anti-corruption czar in Kenya, where in 2003 he uncovered a $1 billion scheme involving some of the country’s top ministers. His probing incited a backlash that forced him to flee the country for fear of his life, taking up a fellowship at Oxford where he released a report documenting government graft. Since then, Githongo has devoted his efforts to eliminating corruption and injustice in Kenya and across Africa. His lecture will focus on what outsiders—the high-income countries and emerging powers—can do to help foster democracy and poverty reduction in the developing world.

Anti-corruption pioneer Githongo is featured speaker of CGD’s seventh annual Richard H. Sabot Lecture honoring the life and work of Richard “Dick” Sabot, a friend, co-author, and founding member of CGD's board of directors. CGD president Nancy Birdsall will host and serve as moderator for a discussion after the lecture.

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