9:30—11:00 AM
Center for Global Development
2055 L St NW
- Fifth Floor
Washington, DC 20036

Cutting Foreign Aid? Expert Perspectives on US Investment in International Development


Scott Morris Senior Fellow, Director of the US Development Policy Initiative, Center for Global Development

John Norris
Executive Director, Sustainable Security and Peacebuilding Initiative, Center for American Progress

Danielle Pletka
Senior Vice President, Foreign and Defense Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

James M. Roberts
Research Fellow For Economic Freedom and Growth, The Heritage Foundation


Rajesh Mirchandani
Vice President of Communications and Policy Outreach, Center for Global Development

While still a work in progress, the Trump Administration’s first budget request to Congress is expected to contain deep cuts to the US foreign affairs budget. What would substantial funding reductions mean for US efforts to advance global development and for US interests more broadly? What does the evidence tell us about US investments in foreign aid? How can the administration and Congress work to ensure the best use of assistance dollars?

Please join us for a discussion with leading experts in the field from across the political spectrum. We’ll ask panelists to sound off on the rumored funding cuts and make their recommendations for the resources and policies most needed to ensure smart US development policy.

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