International Seminar on Using Evidence for Decision-Making and Health Benefits Package Design

In March 2017, we hosted a workshop on defining and updating health benefits packages for universal health coverage with participants from seven sub-Saharan African countries, Indonesia, Thailand, and China, as a final input to the book. Presentations and case study exercises demonstrated the challenging decisions countries are faced with when deciding what procedures, medicines, devices, and diagnostics are covered, and what are not. These materials highlight ways countries can structure governance and set up processes and methods to determine benefits in an ethical, equitable, and sustainable way, given budget constraints.




Workshop Presentations

  • Decision Rules in an End-to-End HTA System: New Zealand: PDFPowerPoint
  • Fiscal and Budgetary Issues for UHC: PDFPowerPoint
  • Good Governance Principles for a Sustainable HBP Policy: PDFPowerPoint
  • Health Benefits Packages for UHC: Wrench in the Works or Keys to Control?: PDFPowerPoint
  • Review Evidence to Inform the Health Benefits Package Reform in Vietnam: PDFPowerPoint
  • Malawi's Health Benefit Package (HBP) Policy: PDFPowerPoint
  • Methodological Options for Setting the Health Benefits Package: PDFPowerPoint
  • Methods Case Study: Nebesa: PDFPowerPoint
  • Moving Ahead: Some Questions to Inform Your Discussion and Planning: PDFPowerPoint
  • What Is Your HBP Policy Baseline?: PDFPowerPoint
  • Ethics & Equity Considerations for Health Benefits Design: PDF


New Zealand and CEA/Decision Rules


Watch the Presentations

Recorded March 2017